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Text translation

The mouse click on Pragma icon activates text translation in the active application. It may be document, web page, e-mail message or any other text information.

Translation in active application works in all applications.

Fast Translation

This mode is used for translation of content in different text windows. After starting Pragma Monitor menu Fast Translation window opens where the translated text will be displayed.

When the window of the Fast Translation is displayed on the screen, any saving of the selected text in the Clipboard (combination of the Ctrl+C keys) will run the translation and displaying the translated text in the window. The button "Translation" must be in the pushed state (by default). If the button "Copy" is pushed also the result of translation will be saved in the Clipboard.

The original language of the text is determined automatically. Translation direction and domain (topic of the text) is set in the status bar of the window:

It is also possible to translate separate words or phrases in the Fast Translation window if the "In Line" button is pushed.

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